Sunday, December 7, 2008


Copyright 2008, Bruce Docker
Oil based ink on Hosho paper
Edition of 15 prints
Woodcut 7 x 5"

I really liked this weeks challenge at DSDF
But, instead of painting it I obviously decided to
make a block print. I think a woodcut fits the
subject matter well.


Carol Feldman said...

What a breath of fresh air to see your woodcut among all those paintings! Please continue!

Sally Tharp said...

Your work is wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing the different styles in which you work.. thanks for sharing!

Bruce Docker said...

Thank you both for your comments, I'm glad you like my work. It seems that Karin's site has made artists who otherwise wouldn't come in contact, aware of one another.
I look forward to investigating your art.

Edward Burton said...

Great job on the boots! Great composition and wonderful technique!

Bruce Docker said...

Thanks Edward, I really tried to work loose on this. That's not as easy in wood as in lino. But I think it worked OK. bd

Anonymous said...

This is so cool to see a woodcut! Your work reminds me of Gauguin's woodcuts. I tried to do a monotype for this boot image, but it didn't come out right.